The Beans & Other Progress 1

Had a chance to garden yesterday so things have moved on. The cloches are off the broad beans planted in Feb and most seem to be coming through.
The broad beans planted in the greenhouse have been planted out and look fine, though well ahead of the ones planted direct, but they’ll catch up now the weather is better.

The picture below shows the view – the greenhouse ones in front and vague green blobs the ones planted direct behind.
Beans plot - April_1

For anyone not here in the UK midlands, we had a pretty cold March and early April (the last frost only a week ago) so the ground is still vey cold which will have held back the beans planted direct into the ground.

Beans_View April_1

They may be more obvious in the picture above….

Apart from the beans, some lettuce seedling planted in a tray have been ‘pricked out’ into a couple of trays in the greenhouse to give room for them to grow before planting out.Also, some tomatoes and peppers which were germinated on window ledges in the house are now appearing and some are in the greenhouse – in a few days they will be big enough to put into individual pots (they are several seedlings to pot at the moment).

Meanwhile, broccoli and cabbage seedlings already pricked out are coming on in the greenhouse – though the cabbages are struggling a bit. Some brussels sprout seedlings are just through in a tray and will want to be pricked out soon.

The picture below shows the cabbages, broccoli and sprout seedlings (broad beans on the right)

Seedlings in Greenhouse

Flowers haven’t been forgotten and a couple of trays of seeds have been sown, more on those as they appear.

Oh and 25 gladioli were planted out as well.

Once I get to grips with photos in the blog properly there will be some more to illustrate progress hpefully somwhat clearer than those above.

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