Beans and More….

Today just had a few minutes to put in a few broad bean plants grown in the greenhouse into a couple of spots where beans hadn't come through in the rows planted direct. Also, a few leftovers were used to create a the start of a third 'row' to one of the double rows (there are more to be added coming up in the greenhouse).
Not much opportunity to do more in the garden today – raining most of the day on and off, but mild – 'good growing weather' as my grandma would have said.

 Meanwhile, in the greenhouse I split up some sprout and lettuce seedlings from the original seed trays and replanted spaced out into trays. Also some of the tomato seedlings which were several to a pot have been split up into individual pots to grow on to a size ready to plant into growing bags.

My flower seeds – nicotiana and other have started to come through now but will be a week or so before anything needs to be  ewith them.

And that is all there is to say today…. but I might add photos if I get a chance to take any in the next couple of days.

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