Broad Beans All Planted

The weather has been reasonably warm and dry for the last few days so some progress has been made in the garden.

Broad Beans

Now all the broad beans from the greenhouse are planted – this has led to the creation of triple rows to fit them in (see below). They are now almost big enough to require support – so that is the next task. I forgot to mention the varieties earlier – they are a mixture of 'The Sutton' (from previous year) and 'Bunyards Exhibition'
Broad Bean Rows
To see where these are in the overall scheme see Garden Plan

Other Beans

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse, the runner beans planted a couple of weeks ago are almost big enough to go out (see below).

Runner Beans - in greenhouse

Some more have been planted (variety 'Galaxy') along with some French beans (variety – a purple one – Purple Queen).


The lettuce plants (from a 'mixure' packet) grown in the greenhouse are now big enough to plant out – and some have been planted close to the greenhouse.


Some of these have now been planted into a 'grow bag' in the greenhouse (see below). They are two varieties – a 'cherry' type and an 'olive' type. Some others will go into grow bags outdoors, along with pepper plants when they are big enough.

Tomatoes in growbag

The remaining areas of the garden that needed digging and weeding is now almost completed. It won't be ready for crops to be planted into it for a couple of weeks, then it will probably be used for some salad crops (such as rocket, lettuce, carrots etc.)


The flower seeds are now up (see earlier article) but will need a week or so before they can be thinned out. The rest of the garden has tulips in full bloom now and the daffodils are about over, but there are some narcissi still flowering. And of course – the grass is growing like mad – it's already been cut once and looks like it need another.

Below – seedlings in greenhouse, you can see tomatoes lower left and lower centre. Runner beans lower right and brassicas in the middle (sprouts, cabbage & broccoli) Greenhouse seedlings

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