Not Just Beans but also….

In the last couple of days I've managed acouple of hours in the garden so things have moved on a bit.

One row of the broad beans is now supported with canes and twine – some of the plants are already flowering. One of the other rows has canes ready for adding the twine to support the beans

As for the French Beans – well the purple variety I planted have all failed, so I 've planted some more in pots in the greenhouse, together with some new beans I bought today – one way or another I'll get some French Beans!

Some of the pepper plants are now in grow bags in the greenhouse – and a couple in a grow bag outside along with the last 2 tomatoes (cherry type). There are still more peppers to plant out – I have a large container and a grow bag left so they'll go in those when I get chance – the pepper plants aren't too big yet so they will keep for a while.

Below – picture of tomatoes in growbag outside greenhouse – the peppers are to the left. (These were planted sometime in the last few days)

Tomatoes in growbag
Also, managed to get some of the brassicas planted out – some broccoli, Brussels and cabbage. The cabbages are still quite small, and those in the greenhouse aren't doing very well compared to the other brassicas, they obviously didn't like being moved form their original seed tray.
And there are loads more to plant out…
The slugs finally found the lettuces – so I've had to resort to slug pellets to protect them, yes I know it's not environmentally sound but I had some and needed to protect them. I'll investigate alternatives as soon as I can.
I also managed to plant out about a dozen or so more lettuce on plot C (the most recently dug bit), which I have 'cordoned off' with more slug pellets. There are still maybe a couple of dozen plants left to plant out and they are getting pretty big in the seed trays so it will have to be soon.

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