All the Runners are IN

Managed to get about 90 mins of time in the garden yesterday. We've had windy and showery weather fora few days now – April sort of weather again…

So apart from the runner beans I had to finish off stringing the Broad Beans to stop them from being blown over.

There were still four spare places for Runner Beans and I'd had four outside the greenhouse for a few days ready to go in, so that was the first job – watered in with some liquid plant feed. The beans already there are well up now, at least 3ft in some cases.
Next, the remaining two rows of Broad Beans – canes and string between to restraine the beans, already some were trying to grow along the ground rather than upwards! Most are now flowering so it won't be long before there are baby beans (they can be eaten whole when small). Just in time as it has carried on being windy, although the hedges protect us quite well from winds (see garden map) some still does get down to ground level.

The picture below shows the runner beans in front with the broad bean behind (compare with the very first picture on the first post…

Lokking at beans

Below – the broad bean rows – the white bits are lumps of polystyrene pushed onto the canes to stop me from poking my eye out when I bend over them…..
Note the string to stop them from falling over – a traditional way of doing it that I learned from my grandparents.

Broad Beans

See also a close up in the 'Other Plant Pics' page.

Away from the veg I managed to put a collection of plants we bought at a garden centre a week ago into a couple of hanging baskets. These hang outside our kitchen (S facing – into the garden) so we see them at breakfast and meals. They are planted with a mixture of plants, surfinia, lobelia etc. that provide flowering through until the autumn.

Meanwhile, the rows of 'mixed leaves' and rocket are starting to appear, no sign of the carrots yet though.

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