Brassicas and Peppers

We're still suffering from rain, showers, wind and low temperatures (only 11deg C today) but there was a dry period this morning and I managed about an hour of work in the garden.

Pressing needs were pepper plants – still in small pots in the greenhouse and all the brassicas still in small pots and seed trays plus lettuces.

Firstly the rest of the pepper plants (a mixture of 'sweet' peppers & chilli) were planted in a growbag and a largish container in the greenhouse – (photo later) – that's about 15 plants – if they all produce I'll need to set up a market stall!

Then the brassicas (cabbage, broccoli & sprouts) in plot B, where some were already in – at least the ground was nice and damp – but the wind is potentially a problem for the young plants – and the plot is now filled up (and there are still seedlings to spare….)

Also, I've planted lettuces around the edges – there was still a tray and half left – by planting them round the edge they will be easy to get at for harvesting without getting in the way of the brassicas – and they will all be gone before the brassicas are full size. I managed to get the half-tray lot in, but the others will have to wait a day or two.

Also, the tomatoes outside are now all big enough to want canes for support and a ties to hold them in place – so I managed to get that job done (see below).

Outside growbag tomatoes May

Oh and the last few runners are outside ready to plant (8 of them I think) – they are surplus really but I can plant them along the S edge of plot C – there are supports there ready for beans from previous years – seems a shame not to use them. The dwarf French beans are just coming through now in the greenhouse
Apart from the veg I planted some nemesia seedlings in a container (which already has a some nicotiana and a couple of nastertiums planted) and got one of the hanging baskets 'hung' outside the kitchen.

And managed to top up the bird feeders (seed & peanuts) as well….

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