Lettuces & Runners

The weather improved today (although it looks as though it is only a brief interlude) so there was a chance to get on with a few jobs. We had sun most of the day although it didn't get terrifically warm, but rain is predicted tomorrow…

Most of the lettuces are in the garden now – all round the edge of the plot with the brassicas in, and some others close to those already planted (see below). There are still a few left in the tray, but they are the 'runts' of the collection so may not be worth planting.

Brassicas & Lettuce

Also the remaining runner beans are now in (alright I lied in the earlier story – there were some more growing as potential replacements for any failures), along the S edge of plot C so when all the runner produce we'll be knee deep in them – and there are still beans from previous years in the freezer…

I spoiled my 'organic' credentials a bit by spraying with weedkiller a load of ground elder – a pernicious weed that is spreading from the hedge on the E side into the garden plots. There really isn't much option – although it can be dug out, the root system is extensive and can't be removed from under the hedge so it just keeps coming back. The weedkiller will probably only suppress it for a while, but we'll see.

The other hanging basket is 'hanging' outside the kitchen as well – and I managed to cut the grass (there is a lawn at the back as well). The hedges at the front, and some at the back now need cutting – so that's a job to fit in during the weekend. Cutting the hedges is a staged process here as there are flowering components like roses, birds nests and later brambles (blackberries) to consider, so it is tricky timing sometimes.

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