Not Just Veg

Managed to get a few jobs done this weekend – it was mostly dry – at least since yesterday lunchtime, but windy today with some sunshine.

The major job was hedge cutting near to the house – a 2.5m+ high hedge, so a stepladder job and there are roses and holly growing in the hedge so I've got the scratches to prove it.

Some of the outside tomatoes needed tying to canes and I watered some of the lettuces with liquid feed – not much energy or time left after struggling with the hedge.


The brassicas – getting bigger

Today, I needed to concentrate on some flowers we'd bought a couple of weeks ago – a couple of dicentra and aquilegia. Unfortunately the area for them to go in needed clearing first of various weed, lilac shoots and kerria branches so that took a while.

Having got those in (and more – including planting some fuchsias in a pot), then moved on to the veg. There were more tomatoes in the greenhouse to tie up (they're getting quite tall now with flower buds) and plants to water (sun and wind meant things were drying up).

Some new seeds sowed – a short row of rocket, and a short row of radish (alongside the rows already planted in plot C near the greenhouse). I could see that the row of carrots are just starting to show through – and the rows of mixed 'leaves' and rocket will need thinning out soon.
Also, planted two rows of peas (about 2m long) – one of a climbing variety (Alderman) and another of a mangetout (Oregon Giant – how about that Niall!).

The greenhouse planted row of broad beans (still the biggest) have enough flowers now to need their tops pinched out – just the first signs of aphid attack visible, so just as well I did that.

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