The Need to Water

Well after a wet May we're now faced with sunshine every day it seems, so watering has become an evening ritual. I did start to update the blog the other day but suffered from a PC crash just before I was going to publish so I lost the lot. Now I have to try and remember what I was saying then….

The french beans are now all in (as of tonight) – so that's five in place. I did plant some more beans in a pot a week or so ago but they haven't appeared yet.

The broad beans are all in full flower now, so hopefully bean pods soon. It's interesting to note that the beans started in the greenhouse still look better than those planted direct into the ground.

The runners are growing fairly quickly, almost 2m high now the most advanced and I've spotted flower buds on one plant at least.

The brassicas are growing but have been attacked, I suspect by pigeons as some of the leaves have been stripped back and it doesn't look like slug damage (also the lettuces have been untouched – which points something other than slugs). To try and tackle the pigeon problem I've installed my own 'CD protection system' – it's a load of old free CDs strung on string across the bed – they reflect light effectively and put birds off.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are now flowering, and the peppers coming on quite well, though no sign of flowers on them yet.

Tomatoes in greenouse

Tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse (a few days ago) 

Lettuces are ready for harvesting – particularly the ones planted out close to the greenhouse. One or two around the brassicas haven't made it and I replaced those this evening with some of the 'leftovers' still struggling on in the original tray in the greenhouse.

One row of peas have just started to appear today – but the second row not yet.

The short rows of 'mixed leaves' etc are all coming along and I've started to thin out the 'mixed leaves' and rocket. Follow up rows are now starting to appear, though no sign of the parsnips yet.

As I mentioned at the top, watering has now become a daily requirement, with the hosepipe having to come into action (fortunately we aren't suffering from water shortages here yet, unlike the SE of England). Temperatures have been well into the twenties with fairly constant sunshine each day – even through the test match – still I did manage to get to Trent Bridge on Monday – and as soon as I left the wickets fell like rain but don't me started on the English performance….

So we will be starting to enjoy the fruits of my labour in the garden pretty soon – at last.

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