Take that you Aphids!

It's back to showers and wind – as well as some sun now. I've had several good goes at the aphids on the broad beans now – both with the hosepipe and with the fingers/cloth – a really messy job as well. I seem to have removed the most obvious ones at least and especially those on the bean pods, but many pods have been damaged I fear. Still we did manage to have a portion of broad beans with our meal this weeked, even if fairly small ones. More for the weekend coming as well (see pic below).

Broad Bean Pods

Broad Bean Pods

As for other beans, the runners have flowers and all the french beans are in (a total of seven plants)

Harvesting lettuce & leaves, including rocket, is now in full swing – most seem to be surviving well, only one has had to be discarded through rot. Managed to harvest one radish this evening – so we are still using shop bough ones in our salads, though probably only for this week. Carrots are coming on and some parsnips are through now. I'll need to sow some more carrots and possibly mixed leaves as well soon. Possibly even some lettuce….

Tomatoes developing on several plants now and watering is essential every evening. No sign of flowers on peppers soon but I'm sure it won't be long (update 22/6 – saw some flower buds today!).

Devloping tomatoes

Developing tomatoes – these are 'olive' variety hence the shape

The brassicas look better now, the new leaf growth doesn't seem to have been attacked so maybe the super CD system has been working. i've planted a couple more cabbage plantlings that had been hanging on in the original trays in the greenhouse so I can check if they get damaged.

Below – the pathetic 'row' of peas that managed to struggle up (I suspect I need to add lime….)

Peas Row

A Few peas….

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