Sunny Again

The weather has been fine for a few days and has been sunny for the last couple – predicitons for the weeked are for sunny weather throughout. Amazing, considering it is week 1 of Wimbledon (it did rain on the first day though). So it is officially strawberry time – though only from our corner shop as I don’t have any growing in the garden (just a few alpine ones under one of the hedges).

Harvesting lettuce is still in full swing – I’ll have to start selling them at the front gate soon we have so many that are ready. Looks like we’ll have a good meal of broad beans this weekend as well. Enough radishes to put into our salad tonight as well. The carrots are growing well but still very small, I’m still thinning them out as well.

I’m still fighting the black fly on the broad beans and runner beans, both using the hosepipe and simply rubbing them off – I can’t eliminate them but they are under control.

The pigeons seem to have been kept off the brassicas, but have discovered my salad leaves which have been severely pecked. So CD protection for them has been erected. If only the fox which keeps appearing at the bottom of the garden would eat a few of the pigeons – I’d be in favour of it being around, all it seems to do is to dig holes though.

I’ve just been watering and weeding the last few days but will need to be taking some action soon – planting more salad plants and some more peas, maybe this weekend if I get time.

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse and growbags the tomatoes are coming along – more and more visible and some serious support needed for some of the plants. In the greenhouse they are over 5 feet tall and I’ve had to take some leaves off to make it easy to get in the greenhouse. I’m feeding them with tomato fertiliser regularly now. Flowers are appearing on the peppers now so hopefully soon there will be actual peppers.

And there are still hedges to cut…..

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