We aren’t the only ones enjoying the produce….

Well – now we are back to hot sunshine again so it needs a few gallons of watering each evening to keep the greenhouse and growbag plants (and hanging baskets) going.

We are still working our way through the lettuce – though one or two are ‘bolting’ now – still they provide extra greens for the guinea pigs so they aren’t wasted.


Lollo Rosso lettuce

Lollo Rosso Lettuce – eaten shortly later….

The radishes are producing – well some of them at least and the rocket and ‘mixed leaves’ have come on so much that they are flowering now – so a new row of mixed leaves has been planted and I’ll plant some more rocket as soon as I can.


Some of the radishes – two are ok, but one certainly isn’t!

The broad beans are producing tasty beans which we eat hot with hot dinners and cold with salads – though I’m still fighting off the aphids.

Broad beans and pods

Our first picking of broad beans – about 10 days ago actually

However, a couple of weeks ago I noticed some holes in the leaves of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse which puzzled me. Then a couple days later I noticed that the remaining brassicas in the greenhouse were extremely ‘chewed’ and on closer examination I found the culprits – caterpillars (see below). So after examination of the ‘butterfly’ book they have been identified as from ‘small white’ (sometimes called ‘cabbage white’ because of their fondness for brassicas). Up to now, I have found and removed about twenty from the greenhouse. They haven’t affected the peppers much though and small peppers are already to be seen on the plants.


‘Small white’ caterpillar from greenhouse

More lettuces and peas have been planted in the greenhouse so we’ll see how they come on.

Meanwhile the hedges are growing……

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