Harvesting & The Heatwave

Phew what a scorcher! we had 32degC today and more predicted for tomorrow. All this means watering – gallons each night just for the tomatoes in the growbags, which seem to just about run dry each day no matter how much I give them. Still it’s fun to see how many startled frogs and toads appear out of the holes each night, and one smooth newt tonight – they think the nice damp spots in the growbags are wonderful until suddenly they get watered!

Some tomatoes are now ripe enough to eat – we had three in our salad the other day and we had four miniature carrots! However, lots of the lettuces have decided it’s a good time to flower, which is fine for the guinea pigs who like the tops but not so good for our consumption. The lollo rosso seem the most resistant. New seedlings are already well up in the greenhouse so should be ready for planting out in a week or so. We are still finishing off the cold broad beans in our salads and there is still a good harvest to go – though some of the plants are looking a bit sad now. It’s almost time to consider what I grow in the place of the broad beans.

French beans and broad beans prepared

Prepared french and broad beans ready for cooking last weekend – very tasty!

The runners are flowering like mad and there are already beans ready to pick, but soon it will be a real glut, provided I can keep them supplied with water.

The peas I planted a week or so ago are well up now and almost ready to go in. The radishes are well up (outside) as well but I really must plant some more rocket and salad leaves as all the rest are flowering now – though there are still leaves suitable for harvesting.

We will all have to pitch in for a session of blackcurrant picking this week – they are ready (see garden map for location) and we need to get them picked before the birds find them. Usually they go to make blackcurrant ice-cream – very nice it is too.

There are now recognisable peppers in the greenhouse – they are chilli variety, the bell peppers are still rather minute.

And the hedges still need cutting (again)….

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