Yes – we have some vegetables

Still pretty sunny, though we’ve had some showers and the temperature has dropped during the last couple of days. The showers meant that I didn’t have to use the hosepipe every night though.

Today was a big harvest day for our meal tonight, so this is what we collected:

Peas – supposed to be mangetout, but most  had been left too long so had to be podded

French Beans – some getting rather too big, but about a pound or so of these

Runner Beans – again, some which were quite old and so a bit stringy, at least a pound of these probably close to 2 lbs

Carrots – several, only about3 or 4 inches long for the longest and a bit affected by carrot root fly I think.

Broccoli – several heads, not very big though (how do commercial growers get such big heads of broccoli?)

Most of the above wnet into a stir-fry with noodles and chicken. Some of the beans are left over – probably to be frozen.

In addition to all the above, the brambles (blackberries to you southerners), are ripening fast and I picked around a pound from our hedges without even having to stretch much.

And of course the tomato plants are producing several ripe tomatoes every day as well – mostly from the greenhouse plants. Soon there will be a massive number ripening – even the plants outside are producing now as a result of the sunshine – but I shouldn’t complain….

The rows of mixed leaves and rocket that were planted first have been pulled up and added to the compost – the newer rows are just about ready but are being attacked by something – probably caterpillars.

Also, I’ve started to clear the weeds from the patch where the broad beans were now, so hopefully can get something planted there soon.

Some of the brassicas are being attacked by caterpillars I suspect, mostly the brussels sprouts curiously, but they should survive.

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