Daily Archives: September 21, 2006

Phew! What a September Scorcher!

Well – it’s like the middle of summer – 28 degrees C today! Both greenhouse roof-windows fully open (they are on automatic openers) – if this doesn’t ripen up the peppers in the greenhouse I don’t know what will. It has been warm all week really and looks as if it will continue – though not quite as hot.

I haven’t had the opportunity to do much in the garden just recently, but on the whole the crops are coming to an end. We still have plenty of tomatoes, though many of them are splitting so if they aren’t collected and used quickly they go mouldy. The peppers are coming on and one at least of the sweet peppers is ripening (though it has been attacked by something), and several of the chilli peppers look pretty ripe.
Plenty of runner beans also, and we ate a load of them last weekend as well as some mangetout peas from the second lot that was planted. The first few plants have given up the ghost now so need pulling up.

As well as the peas and beans we had some broccoli as well and there are still a few bits and pieces for this weekend but a lot had gone to flower. There is some hope that the brussels will produce – I can see little buds appearing now. Some of the cabbages look as if they may be worth a try this weekend.

The salad leaves are probably too far gone now, but there will be a few carrots to pick. The parsnips are growing well, though to judge by the thinnings they will need to get a move on if they are to be a reasonable size by Christmas (traditional roasted with Christmas dinner).

The beet and spinach seedlings look as poor as they did before – but the lettuce do look pretty close to being harvestable now.

Meanwhile there are plenty of other jobs building up – the lawn needs cutting again, hedges still need doing and I have ignored the weeds pretty much since getting back from hols but I really will have to tackle them soon…