Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

It’s been quite a few days since I’ve posted – but quite honestly I’ve had no time to do anything in the garden since the last post – even though there are loads of jobs that need doing.

Autumn has really set in though with a foggy morning today, but we are still getting quite warm and sunny days between the rainy ones, the plants aren’t fooled by the sun though and are starting to die away. The tomatoes outside are looking sad now and almost ready to be pulled up. There are a few tomatoes trying to ripen. Also the peppers outside are trying hard to ripen.

The lettuce is still growing just about and we can harvest some leaves now. The other seeds (beet and suchlike are growing very slowly and look as though they aren’t going to produce anything useful.

The brassicas are still ok of course. Some broccoli still being harvested, the sprouts beginning to grow and some of the cabbage looks as if it could be worth harvesting. Whitefly is the current pest but too late to do a lot of damage now.

The climbing peas have had it and although there are lots of beans left on the runner bean plants despite our harvesting, most of them are too old and tough now so I think they will be for the chop soon.

In the greenhouse things look a bit more lively, still tolmatoes ripening and the chilli and sweet peppers are ripening fairly well – we may even harvest some of them this weekend.

The hanging baskets will need taking down soon as the flowering has just about finished, and all the fancy irrigation tubing packed away ready for next year. And of course the hedges still need doing, as does the grass – again. Ho hum – I just hope I find some time.

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