Autumn really is here

Again it’s been a while since I posted anything and frankly there isn’t much to say as I haven’t had time to do much in the garden. However, I have taken some photos which are posted here.

I have been taking down the climbing peas and runner beans – but it is a tedious job so it isn’t complete yet. The next job after that will be to give the areas a bit of a dig over as they are pretty weed infested now.

Some things are still growing , just about, there are some carrots and parsnips as well as partial rows of rocket and a few beet plants. The lettuce is just about hanging on though there are only a few leaves that can be used.

The one pepper plant outside the greenhouse has peppers (chilli) that amazingly are still ripening and turning red.

The brassicas are much as before, a few bits of broccoli, sprouts appearing though still mostly small and the cabbages probably with leaves worth eating though we haven’t tried yet.

Inside the greenhouse the tomatoes have just about had it, a few still ripening and worth picking (I picked a few today) plus both sweet and chilli peppers ripening – we used a few in a stir-fray last weekend so they are being useful.

Meanwhile, the grass has still been growing enough to need another cut and of course the hedges still need cutting.

Photos Taken in October):

Tomatoes for compost

Tomatoes for compost….

Growbag tomatoes

End of tomatoes – but the pepper is still hanging on


Peppers in greenhouse

Peppers ripening in greenhouse

Beans & lettuce

View of runner beans with lettuce (note the fallen pears)
The beans are ready for removal and the lettuce is struggling


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