Winter isn’t really here yet

Well, we haven’t had a frost more or less since the last post and the weather has been relatively speaking pretty warm. We still have Fuscias happily flowering as well as some Nicotianas – ridiculous for December really.

As far as the veg garden is concerned it has been tidy up time. The runner beans, netting and supports are all down now and I’ve picked all the peppers in the greenhouse and taken the plants out as well as the tomatoes. I’ve also pruned the grapevine in the greenhouse so it is looking pretty empty now. There were so many chilli peppers that we had to give most of them away, and the rest will have to be dried.

The brassicas are still producing bits of broccoli and we had one of the cabbages last weekend. The sprouts are growing but still quite small mostly, still I suppose they will be tasty come Christmas. I’ve taken away the CD bird scarer system and the netting round the brassicas – the only pest around now is whitefly, one of the drawbacks of it still being so warm.

I pulled up a few carrots as well last weekend  which while small were mostly ok. I’ll just have to hope that the parsnips have grown to a decent size – I haven’t really investigated yet.

There are still some salad bits growing, some lettuce (small) and rocket – even if we don’t eat them the guinea pigs will I’m sure.

I’ve pruned some of the shrubs but there are more to do – and, of course, the hedges. Just to illustrate how warm it is – I had to mow the lawn the other day!

Next of course comes the digging and more tidying up….

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