Christmas – no snow but some veg

Well Christmas has come and gone with no snow, not even a frost. In fact we’ve had temperatures in double figures (C) over the past few days.

What does this mean for the garden – well things just keep going when they shouldn’t – fuscias still flowering, grass still growing etc. and more important all the nasty bugs surviving when they shouldn’t.

As far as work in the garden is concerned, not much has been happening. I’ve taken out all the beans, emptied the grow-bags and taken those in the greenhouse out. I’ve managed to prune some of the shrubs, but there are more to do yet. The green house has had a bit of a clean out but needs more before the new season. Lots more needs to be done though…

On a more positive point some produce was harvested for Christmas Day – see pic below. We did have to supplement the parsnips, sprouts and carrots with shop bought ones though – but still it’s better than nothing. There are more sprouts and carrots to come for the New Year meal, but the picture below contains all the parsnips! (Just how do you make them grow big?)

Christmas Produce

Selection of small carrots, sprouts and parsnips from the garden – Christmas Day
Yes the parsnips and carrotts are small – tasty though…

(Photo below added later)

Below – more produce including all the remaining carrots, most of the small sprouts, some bits of broccoli and a couple of miniature parsnips for New Years Eve meal. This is just about it now from the garden.

More Produce

Carrots, sprouts, broccoli & tiny parsnips – 31/12/06

So, the planning for 2007 will have to start now – as well as getting on with preparing the growing plots.

Meanwhile, I hope all the readers of the blog had a good Christmas, and may you all have a Happy New Year.


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