New Gardening Year – Finally!

Well at last I’ve managed to do more than just wander round the garden. Though not much so far…

So far this year we’ve had pretty mild weather with only one day of snow and a few frosty nights so I don’t think many of the bugs have been killed off. In fact, looking at what is left of the brassicas there are still whitefly on the leaves. Speaking of which, I managed to scavenge a helping of broccoli the other day from the plants and even some of the cabbage plants look edible. There are also sprouts left so maybe we can eat a bit more before they all come up.

The only real effort so far has gone into trying to keep the rats out of the compost heaps – they were becoming a bit too frequent visitors. So, I’ve had to empty two of the containers and fit wire mesh underneath which should hopefully do the trick. One more container to go though, still the emptying and refilling gives the contents a good mix which helps them rot down.

I have managed to start digging the section earmarked for beans this year, though only just, and planted a couple of trays full of pots with broad beans in the greenhouse a few days ago so they should be up soon. It would have been better had I got more done in the garden but better late than never!

I’ll add photos when I get a chance.

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