March Update & Photos

In the last post I said I’d upload some photos – so here they are below. They do illustrate how much there is to be done.

Some work has been done though since the last post. The digging has progressed so the area started (Plot C) is now almost finished and some of the old branches and cuttings have been cleared away from other areas.

The weather over the last week has been almost winter like again – snow, cold winds so that hasn’t helped persuade me to work in the garden.

Some of the broad beans are now showing through in the greenhouse and I may finally sort through my seeds and go to the garden centre to stock up in the next few days.

As a postscript – some of the produce from last year – the chillies – finished drying only a few weeks ago and are now stored ready for use. We had so many that the majority were actually given away. We have used some so we know they are good.


Beans Plot

Plot C – digging started
On the bright side – lots of plants for composing….


What’s left of the Brassicas (Plot B)
They will need to come out soon


Plot B

Bean Plot 2006 – some Beet left (Plot A)



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