An April Fool Digging

Well I could have been inside relaxing in the comfort of the house – but the weather was so good on Sunday (1st April) that, despite having tired legs from a 3hr plus training run on Saturday, I just could not resist working in the garden.

So I managed to finish digging the beans plot (only a little bit left actually), rake it over, dig a trench for compost (for runner beans) cover it over and put cloches out for the broad bean rows!

Bean Patch Dug

Bean Patch and cloches

Also, now the first lot of broad beans are mostly well up in the greenhouse I planted another set of pots up as well.


Broad Beans in Greenhouse
The pots without shoots are new plantings

Then I managed to mow the lawn as well – all in the afternoon – well it was pretty sunny day so it would have been a pity to miss out – especially since I’m so far behind this year.  I even had the energy to play a bit of ‘swing-ball’ with my son before mowing the lawn.

It was a bit depressing walking round the garden spotting all the jobs that need doing but if it stays fine over the next week or so then maybe some of them will get done…

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