Good Friday – and the weather too!

Well, contrary to the normal reputation of holiday weekends this one looks like being fine and sunny. It certainly was today – a bit of cloud but essesntially sunny all day and temperatures of 15C outside.

We’ve had good weather for a few days now, so progress in the garden has been quite noticeable. Plot B (see garden map) is now completely dug over and has had the contents of 5 growbags from last year added to it – I’ve not yet decided what is going in there though…

 Plot B - dug

Plot B – dug over

I’ve also limed plot C which still has the cloches over the potential broad bean rows so hopefully that will help the peas and beans.

Digging of plot A has been started so about a third has been dug over. That bit has had a barrowful of compost added to it as well.

Plot A - digging started

Plot A – digging started

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse, planting has been going on apace. I’ve planted up a trayful of lettuce seeds, some peppers (both sweet and chilli types), tomatoes (olive and sweet cherry types) and some french beans (a purple podded type). Also, the sunny weather has prompted me to replace the operating tubes into the window auto-openers (I’d taken them out as they aren’t supposed to get frosted – mind this winter it would hardly have been a problem). So this afternoon after I’d fitted them both windows were open so that shows how hot it has been.

The broad beans that have already come up in the greenhouse will be ready to plant out within a week so they will need to go outside to harden off sometime this weekend

On another note – just to show how springlike it has been I’ve seen ‘Emperor’ and ‘Comma’ butterflies in the garden today and our cowslips in the ‘wild’ part of the garden are coming out. The damson bushes/trees that we have at the bottom of the garden are also well in flower.

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