What to grow – decision made for me

Well things have moved on since the last post – first of all the digging is complete though not the final preparation, there is still some compost to add and raking over to do on plot A.

As for what to grow, those decisions were helped by a donation from the my niece’s husband (thanks Guy) of some onions sets and potatoesleft over from planting in his garden. So I have already planted three rows of onions in plot B (that’s all of them – 2 varieties), and hope to get round to the potatoes sometime this week (also to go into plot B). I’ll add in the name of the varieties when I remember to take some paper into the greenhouse! I might note that I had raked the plot and added some ‘growmore’  few days before planting – though I wouldn’t describe the soil as a ‘fine tilth’ that the books describe – I’m not sure I ever get that in my garden.

The weather has been so dry and hot that the recently planted broad beans needed serious watering over the weekend – we haven’t had any real rain for a couple of weeks at least now.

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse, more broad beans are coming through, the lettuce seedlings are growing fast and a couple of tomatos are through now. No sign of the peppers or french beans yet however.

The weather is still fine and sunny, which means the grass and the hedges are growing – so those jobs are on the horizon again. We have had quite a few butterflies in the garden and ‘our’ blackbirds may well have chicks as I’ve seen both of them searching madly for food in the garden at the same time. Spring has more than sprung – it feels like summer already, though colder weather is predicted I gather.

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