Potatoes go in

Finally I managed to find time to get the potatoes planted – so now there are three and a half rows of spuds (thanks again Guy for the gift).
The varieties were:

1 Kestrel – (second early) – a bit late I know but better late than never nearly 2 rows
2 Desiree – (maincrop) – a row and a bit
3 King Edward – (maincrop) – about 3/4 of a row

So now we’ll have to wait and see how they do. I did try potatoes once before in plot C and I wasn’t very impressed – but I didn’t look after them very well I don’t think, so maybe these will be better.

I leaves a bit of space still between the onions and potatoes so now I’ll have to think what to put in there.

In the greenhouse four or five of the cherry tomatos have come through, but curiously, none of the olive variety, at least yet.

Also, rather worrying, is the fact that none of the peppers are through yet.

On the brighter side, another set of broad beans are just about ready to be hardened off (Bunyards Exhibition). Another set, this time of a variety I bought recently – ‘Jubilee Hysor’ – are just coming through. There should be enough for three rows altogether with the ones already in.

While I’m mentinong varieties – the onions I planted are: ‘Centurion’ and ‘Jet Set’

I would note that we still haven’t had any rain, so watering of the onions and broad beans each day is necessary – and of course of the seedlings etc. in the greenhouse.

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