Some Salad Seed Sown

Well the alliterative title indicates that there has been some planting action – yes I have managed to sow short rows of rocket, carrots and radishes so should have some salad to crop in a few weeks. Also, the lettuce seedling in the greenhouse are coming on so it won’t be long before they will need to be planted out (see photo below).

Also, there are now about five cherry tomato seedlings, but still no sign of olive type. A couple of peppers have struggled through but they  aren’t looking good at the moment.

Seedlings in greenhouse

Lettuce (top left), broad beans and tomato seedlings (centre left)
Peppers are under cover bottom right

I will need to plant a tray of broad beans withing the next couple of days, they are already outside the greenhouse and more are coming through in the greenhouse (see photo). The ones already planted are doing well (see photo).

Broad beans - coming on

Broad beans – coming on

The weather broke on Monday and we have had a couple of days of light rain which will have helped the garden a lot (and unfortunately encouraged the grass to grow). Today we are back to sunshine (20degC!) and the outlook is fine for the next few days at least for this side of the country.

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