More planting – germination disappointing

The weather continues to be essentially fine, though not always sunny – a few drops of rain today but not enough to even wet the ground. So the watering can has been kept busy.

More broad beans are now in the ground so it amounts to about two and just over a half rows (I put the last half-a-dozen in this afternoon). Some are even have flower buds now, and the first row has canes and string for support.

The rocket and radishes are coming along well and some of the carrot seeds are showing through now. The onions are all up nicely, but no sign of potatoes yet.

Inside the greenhouse the story isn’t so good. Although more of the tomatos have germinated they are all the cherry variety – non of the olive type have made it. Also, no more peppers have made a showing – even some are new seed. French and runner beans haven’t shown yet either – though they may yet make it from the second sowing I made. I’m beginning to think that the growing medium isn’t helping – like a lot of potting compost now it is peat free and seems to be mainly comminuted wood etc. – I think it can stay too wet. To check theis I’ve bought some loam based ‘John Innes No1’ to sow some other seeds into, so we’ll see how they go – I’ve put in some more (new) runners today as well as some new chilli peppers. I also used the ‘JI No1’ for a tray with thyme and basil seeds.

The only thing growing well in the greenhouse is the tray of lettuce which I really will have to plant out soon.

Outside I planted short rows of parsley and beet today.

The growbags are ready – so the tomatos can go in sometime this week – and probably will be the outside ones first.

Meanwhile hedge cutting is under way – with a lot more to do yet….

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