Rain – and More Rain

The couple of weeks has been very rainy – which has rather made it difficult to do much in the garden not that I’ve had much spare time anyway. I have managed to plant some bedding plants in the front garden (they’ve been hanging around for a week waiting…) which has made it look rather better.

 In the veg patches, all the broad beans are in and rows 1 and 2 are flowering away now. The picture below show how they were a few days ago:

Broad Beans coming on

Broad Beans – the far row is flowering – really!

Elsewhere, the potatoes are coming through well and will need earthing up soon, and the rocket, radishes and carrots are coming along (see pic below).

Rocket, radish & carrot seedlings

Rocket (top), radish (middle), carrots (faint row below radish)

I’ve managed to get three tomato plants into a growbag at last (outside greenhouse) – they are all cherry type. Just tonight some of the lettuce have finally made into the garden – just another 50 or so in the tray….

Inside the greenhouse, some olive type tomatos are through at last, along with some french and runner beans – well better late than never.. Various other things haven’t appeared, so it’s a bit depressing really, and I need to have another planting session otherwise there will be a large section of garden with nothing in (not to mention several empty growbags and a half-empty greenhouse).

The weather has cleared up a bit now, but still showery. The result of all the rain of course has meant that the grass need cutting again, and the hedges as well of course – the problem is just when I will have time…

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