The Wrong Sort of Rain!

The weather has been going through a period of very heavy showers and thunderstorms with periods of sun between. We’ve had local flooding – a foot of water down our street for instance, and more serious flooding elsewhere. What it has meant for the garden is damage to some of the plants – like the tomatoes outside, and of course soil splashes over things like the lettuce. Just doing anything in the garden has been affected – all the ground and undergrowh is wet, and even if it is sunny there is usually a shower about to appear.

To cap it all, work has meant I haven’t been able to get into the garden much in any case. However, some positives – we have had the first things to eat from the garden. We had a couple of radishes and some lettuce and rocket leaves in our salad the other day.

The broad beans are close to producing enough to eat, though I notice blackfly has appeared on some of them. The French beans are coming on and have needed canes to support them, but no flowers yet.

The tomatoes in the green house are now flowering (well two of them), but rather strangely one of the peppers inside now looks as if it isn’t – more on that when I’ve had a chance to look at the plant carefully.

The potatoes are now really big, and some look like they have flower buds on them, so I guess the early varieties should be close to harvesting – if I could remember which row they were…

The lettuce are coming on ok, but still not terrific, and the rocket and other salad crops still don’t seem to be growing very well apart from the radishes, which have really appreciated the rain.

The lawn and hedges have been growing apace thanks to the rain and sun so any spare time will need to be spent dealing with them …..

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