Summer is not ‘ycomin in’

Well even if I had time to do much in the garden I would be probably doing it in the rain! We’ve had rain, showers, sun, rain, more rain, clouds, rain, sun etc. over the last few weeks. Scarcely a completely dry day.

So, as a result of that and work not much has happened since the last post – but I’ll outline the highlights…

The tomatos inside the greenhouse and outside now have some set (more in the greenhouse of course). The peppers are getting bigger, but slowly. A tray of lettuce seed is now ready to plant out as well.

Outside – the broad beans are producing plenty to eat now and they are at their peak. The french beans have all turned out to be climbing ones and are flowering now, as are the three runner beans. The few mangetout peas have produce a couple of pods.

We’ve had some salad lettuce, though not in the last week or so and they are very much ready to eat. Meanwhile the radishes have flowered so they have been pulled up.

What is worse is that I haven’t had chance to plant replacement salad crops so apart from the lettuce there aren’t any others coming up – pretty poor really.

I’ve also harvested some of the potatoes – not really very many per plant in the ones I’ve dug up – a bit disappointing especially as it’s been so wet.

The garden is very verdant, mainly because weeds have sprung up like mad everywhere thanks to the wet weather. Of course the hedges need cutting…….

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