New Year – New Start

Well I though I would post a couple of pictures to illustrate the starting point this year. I can feel quite good about this because I actually managed to do some digging this afternoon, and some more pruning…

 Anyway here are some pictures showing the amount of weed growth – well we haven’t had much of a winter again this year. Only a few frosts and no snow (apart from a sprinkling one morning) so growth has continued and I would imagine few pests have been killed off.

Garden section ?

Section B – (the black lump is compost from a hanging basket)

Section B (above) had potatoes and onions (neither very successful) last year. This year maybe salad crops.

Garden section
Section C – plenty of weeds!

Section C above had salad and some peas and beans last year – this year I’m not sure yet…. first of all I’ll need to clear all the weeds of course, so it will be while before I can plant anything.

Section C

Section A – Note the old ‘gro-bags’, these will have their contents incorporated

This section had some salad and other bits and pieces last year, it will be the bean and pea area this year. This is the section that I’ve started digging today – I need to get ready for broad beans pretty soon.

I still need to buy seed and to do some garden planning, and there is quite a lot of tree and hedge pruning to get done as well as the digging – so lots to do……

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