Beans are Go

Well we’ve had spring and winter since the last post – temperatures overnight dropping to -4(C) some nights and others as high as 8(C) but not a lot of rain.

I’ve prepared for the runner beans by digging a trench and filling it with compost. Also another barrowload of compost has been dug into the rest of the bean area.

One row of Broad Beans (the Sutton) has been planted out direct under one of the cloches with some ‘growmore’ scattered in the soil to help them along.

Bean Trench

Broad Beans – double row planting (you can just see some of the beans)

The beans in the greenhouse have started to come through (see below) so that should mean some beans are guaranteed.

Broad beans greenhouse
Broad Bean Seedlings coming through

 Apart from that burst of activity I’ve managed some more tidying up but haven’t started on digging the other sections yet – partly because there is still some more serious pruning to be done on the hedges alongside.

I have bought some seeds though….

Away from the vegetable areas we have daffodils in full flower now, the snowdrops are past their best, as are most of the crocuses. At least the hedges aren’t growing  – yet….


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