Broad Beans – One Row plus

I have managed to get some work done in the garden over the last couple of weeks. Over the last couple of days in particular things have moved on.

One complete double row of broad beans are now in from the ones started in the greenhouse. They are now safely under the cloche for the moment. The row planted planted as beans directly into the ground are just beginning to come through. It’s now really a decision as to whether it is worth planting another set in the greenhouse for a slightly later row of beans…. As I have enough left over I probably will if I have a few spare moments over the next couple of days.


Section B dug over
Section B – freshly dug

Also, I’ve managed to dig over section 3 of the garden – just finishing off today. I found a few potatoes and a couple of onions left over from last year. Potatoes always seem to turn up after they have been grown in an area no matter how hard you search when they are harvested.

 The main reason area B could be dug over is that I managed to finish pruning the holly and birch overhanging the area and have a bonfire of all the cuttings. There is something very satisfying about burning a whole pile of prunings – seeing them all reduced to a small pile of ash. My son enjoyed helping of course as all boys do.

So, only one area to dig over now and I need to decide what to grow and start getting some seeds planted in the greenhouse. Also, it’s about time to get the French and runner beans started.

Meanwhile spring is the usual variable mix of rain, sun and the occasional frost but nothing too extreme so far this year.

The grass is almost at the point of needing to be cut now……

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