Greenhouse Seed Planting 1

The weather continues to be ‘variable’ with frosts, snow, rain and sun or ‘all seasons in a day’

I have managed to spend a few minutes in the garden between the showers, mostly tidyng up things like a ‘Russian Vine’ (or ‘Mile- a-Minute’) and removing daffodils that are no longer producing flowers. Our daffodils in the front are at their best now (I must take a photo if the sun shines for long enough). Daffs in the back garden are pretty much finished now. The wild flowers at the bottom of the garden think spring is here – there are celandines & cowslips out. The central pear tree is in flower as well.

I did manage a few minutes on plot C taking out the dandelions which were starting to flower. I need to get this section dug over as soon as possible, but the showers rather hold things up.

However, I have been busy in the greenhouse (it’s warmer and I can listen to the radio). A selection of seeds have been planted and I’ll list these below:

Broad Beans (‘The Sutton’) – I’ve finished off the packet into pots, enough for another double row.
French Beans – (‘Speedy’) – 8 beans in pots
Courgette – (‘Zuchini’) – into pots (they are on the kitchen window ledge to help germination)
Tomato – (‘Sweet Olive F1’) – into pots, agin they are in the kitchen
Peppers – (Sweet – Salad Festival) – in a tray

I do have a plan as to where these will go nut it depends how they do really

And today:

Climbing French Beans – (‘Blue Lake’) – in pots
Sweet Corn – (Can’t remember the variety – I’ll add later) – in a tray
Lettuce – Mixed Salad Leaves  – in a tray 

As soon as weather permits I need to plant out some other salad crops outside.

Also I have been carrying out some work on the greenhouse – the roof-lights have always leaked in rain – annoying, rather than a big problem, but I’ve taken one of them out temporarily to resolve the problem. Also, the greenhouse needs treating with preservative – again – but it needs to be dry first (hardly likely at present).

Still the rain showers prevent me from mowing the grass so it could be worse…..

STOP Press

Just managed to dodge between showers of rain (and hail!) to plant some short rows of:
Carrot – (Nantes Early)
Lettuce (mixture)

As my Grandma always used to say about showers/sun – ‘Good Growing weather’ – we’ll see…

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