Managed to do some more

Well amazingly I managed to find some time over the weekend and today to move things on a little. Also, seedlings have appeared.

I’ve moved the cloches over the broad beans started off in pots off them and to a position ready for the next lot planted a week or so ago in pots in the greenhouse. The beans planted straight in the ground are almost at the point where the cloche can be taken off them as well.

More planting in the greenhouse – some runner beans (Scarlet Emperor I think) into pots and some radishes in large pots. I’m going to grow them in the greenhouse to get them ready quickly I hope. The beans etc. planted a few days ago aren’t showing yet but soon hopefully…..

Outside – I’ve started digging section C – about half finished now. It was filled with lots of creeping buttercup as well as dandelions. Also, some what appears to be clover or relative with very spreading and woody roots – so lots of pernicious weeds to avoid putting in the compost. Thank goodness for the ‘compost bin’ from the local council.

I’ve also planted a row of ‘pak choi’ in section B close to the salad crops already planted. Just a short row and the seeds are a bit old so we’ll see if they come through.

Also today a visit to ‘B&Q’ ( a ‘do it yourself’ store) for other bits, where they have a gardening section, led me to come away with 5 ‘grow-bags’ and a big bag of growing compost. The grow-bags are a bit shorter than those I’ve had previously but that may help with positioning. Too small for 3 tomato plants though I think. I may try the open bottom pot trick added into the bag, as suggested on the ‘allotment’ website (see my blogroll)

The kithen windowsill has come up trumps – several of the courgettes are through and the tomatoes as well. They can go into the greenhouse maybe in a day or so.

The weather has continued to be ‘variable’. Today we had sun, hail and rain, though much more dry time than wet and quite a bit of sunshine.

So a bit more digging and planting to go – and then waiting and hoping that all the seeds come up…. However, I can’t avoid mowing the lawn for much longer – the sparrows are beginning to spend a lot of time hopping up and down to get over the grass. Also the blackbirds, who have chicks I think now, judging by the racket in the hedge, are finding it more difficult to find things in the grass – all I need is a dry day….

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