I wish it would warm up

The weather continues to be annoying with frosts or near frost overnight, and today a very cold Easterly wind plus of course showers – really puts me off being in the garden.

However, progress has been made – the seeds on the kitchen windowledge are ok – the courgettes (only 4 out of 6 came up) are now in the greenhouse and the tomatoes are sort of growing. See pic below:

Courgettes and Tomato Seedlings
Courgettes & Tomato Seedlings (there are 5 tomatoes honest)

More in the greenhouse – I’ve sown some dwarf beans supposedly ‘designed’ for growing in pots as well as outside – in pots but kept then in the greenhouse so we’ll see how they gow.

Meanwhile the other seeds in the greenhouse aren’t showing much signs of appearing – though possibly a bean is trying to appear. I blame the cold weather….

I have made a big advance on digging over section A – it is 90% done now so maybe in the next couple of days that will be ready.

My modifications to the greenhouse now mean I won’t get dripped on when it rains, and also have enabled me to paint preservative on the roof sections that are normally hard to reach – I’ve just got to paint the rest now….

The broad beans outside are ok though the weather has slowed down their growing I fancy (see below)


Broad Beans Coming UP
Broad Beans – from beans planted in greenhouse

Finally, I’ll put some other ‘pretty’ photos onto the site as well from when the sun was shining see Pics 2008 -1 page


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