A Fair Day at Last

Well the weather felt more like spring today – even some sunshine! Some real progress made as well – section C is now dug over, plus I added the contents of 3 growbags and a barrowload of compost and dug them in as well. So it will still need raking level and possibly some fertiliser added but see picture below for the current state:

Section C after digging

The section was infested with creeping buttercup and what seemed to be clover, though I’ve never seen it before – it had long stringy root systems fairly thin – but I don’t remember seeing it ever before.

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse there are signs of action. The sweetcorn is definitely sprouting and the broad beans are appearing. A couple of french beans look as if they are coming up as well so there is hope yet. I managed to plant a few more seeds in the greenhouse as well – it was actually uncomfortably hot in there for a while. Some more tomatoes, chilli peppers more courgettes and as an experiment, some old curly kale seeds (into a tray). The tomatos and peppers are on the kitchen windowledge for germination (though the other peppers sown previously are  not not showing any signs of appearing).

Outside, I took the tunnel cloche off the broad bean row planted direct (see below:

Also, I planted some parsley and oregano I bought during my visit to ‘B&Q’  in the small plot bekow the kitchen window. Also, the ‘wild’ part of the garden ahs been enhanced with some primroses I acquired at the weekend.

On top of all that I managed to mow the lawn! – which will please the house-sparrows and dunnocks who will now not have to hop quite so high.

On the wildlife front, our blackbirds nesting in the hedge on the western side (which I thought had chicks) seem to have been attacked – the nest is partly destroyed and clearly abandoned – probably a cat, although I did see a magpie on that hedge recntly. The blackbirds started another nest in the same hedge nearer the house but then seem to have switched to a bush on the East side of the garden.

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