More Seedlings at last

Well the better weather (briefly – it’s back to showers again now) has encouraged seeds to grow at last. In the greenhouse the broad beans are coming on, lettuce seedlings are up and the sweetcorn is coming on (photos below). Also, one or two French beans look to be coming up.

Even more exciting, the row of Rocket sown in sec B outside has produced some shoots, so things are really looking up. ALthough we are back to showers today it is still quite warm (up to about 18degC today) so more seedlings should appear hopefully.

And – some of the tomatoes and peppers on the kitchen windowledge are though as well…

Courgettes and Lettuce Seedlings

Courgette and Lettuce Seedlings

Sweetcorn Seedlings

Sweetcorn Seedlings

Also, I’ve picked up a couple of gooseberry bushed to plant in the ‘wild’ area – there is one sort of growing in one oof the hedges but it would be nice to have some more. I got a ‘late’ raspberry bush as well to plant next to the hedge near the greenhouse – all I need is the time to do it now….

Almost time to put in the supports for the broad beans as well

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