Seedlings are a’growing…..

Well it looks as though spring is more or less sprung, we still have showers almost every day but it is warm. Temperatures over 10degC and up to the high teens when the sun gets out. So, I’ve put the auto window openers back into the grenhouse roof windows now.

Inside the greenhouse seedlings are sprouting all over the place – the broad beans are almost big enough to plant out – I’ll try and do some tomorrow if the weather lets me (rain is predicted). French beans are through, and some of the climbing French beans and runner beans also. The extra courgettes, at least some of them, are up now as well (the first set have their second leaves already).

I spent ages the other day potting up the sweetcorn, almost 40 of them (and some petunias I’d bought when I bought the gooseberries) – I know they should be in ‘tall’ pots so their main root can develop properly, but I don’t have any so they are in standard square plastic pots. I seem to remember they grew ok before from these pots.

Some of the peppers are through as well, and the tomatoes on the kitchen window ledge are coming on fine. The first batch of ‘olive’ tomatoes are repotted into separate pots now as well.

The rocket I planted into some pots in the greenhouse is well through now, and the row outside is showing quite well. The carrots planted at the same time are not making any appearance so far though – but some turnips look as if they are coming up.

The two rows of broad beans are coming on fine, next week I think I will have to start putting in the canes and string.

I’ll add photos to this tomorrow if poss.

On the wildlife front, the blackbirds are busy, not sure if any eggs have hatched yet and we seem to have a shortage of frogs and toads at the moment (usually lots are evident in the garden esp. in wet weather) – and no frog spawn in local canal when I would have expected to see it by now but maybe I missed it. The surest sign of spring arrived a few days ago though – swifts – I could hear their ‘screaming’ and see them flying high over the houses.

Oh and the grass almost wants cutting again…..

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