Suddenly it’s Summer…..

Well possibly not summer, but the weather at the moment certainly feels like it – sunny all day and temperatures in the 20’s degC. All happening just when we have been away for a few days, so I was worried about the seedlings in the greenhouse – I’d watered them plenty before going away and put all the critical pots into trays with water. Fortunately, they survived ok. You can see below – the courgettes looking well advanced at the back, tomatoes to the right of them and some french beans at the far right. In the front are some of the sweetcorn and to the right of them the lettuce seedlings.

Greenhouse Seedlings

Greenhouse Seedlings

Today, I managed to plant all the remaining Broad Beans (variety Meteor – I’d left them outside the greenhouse to harden off) making the last double row into a triple row and filling in a couple of gaps (I think I have pigeon problems). I also put in canes along the row that had grown the most and string to support the beans (see below). The white bits on top of the canes are bits of polystyrene to hopefully prevent me poking my eye out on one of them (a well known gardening accident).

Broad Bean Rows

Broad Bean Rows

It looks as though pigeons have also been at the salad rows I planted so I’ll have to add my ‘CD Scarers’ as soon as I can.

The hedges will soon need cutting and the grass already does….



One response to “Suddenly it’s Summer…..

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