Runners are in and ready to Grow

Another fine and sunny day (up to 26 degC) – with lots to do – and I got some of them done! I also had quite a productive day yesterday, which was fine and sunny as well. I got the canes and mesh support for the runner and climbing French beans in place and also the anti-bird CD scarers and mesh surround for section C which had  been suffering from pigeon damage to the salad rows. The runner beans in the greenhouse were clearly big enough for plntig out so I put them outside the greenhosue ready. I also managed to mow the lawn – amazing!.

CD bird scarers and netting (to stop pigeons walking in….)

Today, first of all I planted the runner beans (Scarlet Emperor) I put outside the greenhouse yesterday – 6 altogether, and I have a couple of small ones left over just in case. I’ve put the French beans (standard and climbing) outside the greenhouse ready for planting as well.

I had been given a couple of strwaberry plants by my neighbour a while ago and I finally managed to plant them alongside the hedge to the side of section A – there were lots of ‘alpine’ style strawberries there before but they had lost out to weeds gradually, so I cleared it all out a week or so ago ready.

I also planted some more salad crops in section B – where I notice a potato plant had appeared. Somehow if potatoes are gronw in part of the garden you never manage to find all of them –  had found half a dozen when I dug the plot over but clearly I had still managed to miss one. Anyway, there are now short rows of rocket, carotts, mixed salad leaves and spinach beet planted in that section. The original rows still have the odd seedling left so we’ll see if any of them grow into anything.

I put some ‘growmore’ fertiliser into he area that will take the French beans in the next couple of days as well. Also, I prepared two growbags ready for the tomatoes – one at the side of the greenhosue and one under the kichen window.

On top of all that I managed to do a bit more painting of preservative onto the greenhouse so about a quarter is now done.

One row of broad beans are now flowering (see proof below), but the weather now means all the rows need watering each evening and the prediction is that the dry spell will carry on into the weekend.

Flowering Borad Bean
On the wildlife front – the summery weather has brought the butterflies out – I’ve seen orange tip, snmall blue, cabbage wite and brown ones that didn’t hang around long enough for me to identify them. There are loads of ‘bee-flies’ hovering around the garden as well, plus I disturbed a few frogs while I’ve been gardening. The blackbirds are still busy – they come down to the bird-table and under fairly frequently so they may be feeding young. I can hear the sound of what I suspect are blue or great tit chicks somewhwer around the bottom of the garden as well.

Meanwhile – rather ominously the hedge at the front is getting close to requiring a trim -still I bought a new pair of shears the other day, which I tried out on bits of the lawn today, so cutting the hedge might be sligthly easier….


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