Been Planting More Beans

Another day of action – well at least part of the day anyway. Not sunny today, overcast but still warm (24 degC max) – more comfortable to work in though.

So,  the climbing French beans and the ‘ordinary’ French beans are now planted (see picture below) so I just need them to grow now – and of course now I would like some rain….


Beans and mre beans
Runner beans and climbing french bans at the back, broad beans in the middle and french beans in fron.
Some lettuce seedling bottom left corner.

Five of the ‘sweet olive’ tomatoes are now in growbags as well – three under the kitchen window and two in a growbag next to te greenhouse.

Olvie Tomatoes - newly planted

‘Sweet Olive’ tomatoes freshly planted

I also managed to plant a few of the lettuce seedlings just by the greenhouse near the beans. I’ve also tried putting a few into a large pot to bring them on in the greenhouse. Speaking of large pots – the plants I though were rocket in the greenhouse I now think are radishes….

I’ve put the sweetcorn plants outside the greenhouse ready for planting a they are getting to be quite big. On top of all that, I’ve put the larger courgettes outside the greenhouse and dug pits ready for them filled with mixed compost and soil (as per the ‘Vegetable Expert’ book) on section C.

On top of all thatI managed to treat more of the greenhouse (particularly the side where I might put another growbag).

It was interesting to watch the house sparrows today picking up the dried grass I’d left on the lawn yesterday when I’d been trying out my new shears (on the bits I couldn’t reach with the mower) – plus the blackbird having a bath..


Blackbird having a bath

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