Sweetcorn & Courgettes in da Plot

Yes, we still have ‘summer’ here so no excuse for not getting on with the garden. I managed to find enough time from a packed weekend (swimming, theatre, swimming…. just don’t ask) to plant the courgettes yesterday and get started with planting the sweetcorn. Today, I planted the rest of the sweetcorn – so there are five rows now forming a block (see photo below) – note the bird scaring CDs…


Sweetcorn & Courgettes

Courgettes & Sweetcorn

I also found time in the greenhouse to transfer the tomato and sweet pepper seedlings into their own pots to grow on. I made a start on preparing for the plants inside the greenhouse and one growbag is in place and watered ready for plants (tomatoes probably). One of the ‘gardeners delight’ tomatoes was now big enough to be plated into the growbag by the greenhouse so that has its full complement now. I’ve also prepared another grow bag for use outside the greenhouse.

Some of the seedlings from the recently planted rows of salad plants in section C are now appearing and hopefully immune from bird attack.

The beans are all doing ok – some of the runners are already climbing the mesh.

The hedge at the front is getting close to really needing a cut….


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