More Tomatoes are in

The weather is no longer so summer-like. Temperatures have dropped to below 20, and south of here it has been raining but not in this area yet. I’ve been busy on other house maintenance jobs the last couple of days so not much progress in the garden. I did manage to plant a couple of tomato plants (gardeners delight) in a growbag outside the greenhouse this evening and also prepare another growbag inside the greenhouse ready for a couple more.

Everything in the garden seems to be growing fine now  and with the change in weather today I didn’t need to water everything this evening. Of course this also means the hedges are growing as is the lawn.

On the wildlife front, I spotted a grey squirrel again yesterday – so that will have to be evicted – we haven’t seen one for about three months since the last one was relocated, which is good, but this isn’t a good time to have one back as they are quite capable of raiding bird nests and of course now is a peak time for nesting. A baby house sparrow managed to get itself trapped in our outside ‘utility room’ all last night and gave my wife a real shock as she was loading the washing machine this morning! It flew off seemingly ok. Toads have appeared in the greenhouse again – they seem to know when the growbags are available and like to sit in the holes where the plants go – sometimes one in each hole – and get quite upset when they get ‘watered’.

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