Not So Summery Still

Just a small update – the weather has continued with colder nights and cloudy days plus intermittent sunshine. Quite chilly in the mornings. Other work around the house has kept me from doing a lot in the garden as well.

The crops planted seem to be growing ok – one of the runner beans is over a metre up the support already. The only worrying things are the seeds I planted – the ‘mixed salad’ is showing a poor germination rate, and also the carrotts. I think I need to plant some more elsewhere now.  Also the olive tomatoes planted in growbags outside have looked distinctly unwell but seem to be picking up now.

Meanwhile I have put a couple more tomatoes into a growbag in the greenhouse (‘gardeners delight’) so that makes five now. The sweet peppers are just about ready to go into growwbags now – one is ready in the greenhouse to take them.

The main work has been on the front garden today – cutting the hedges and planting ‘busy lizzies’ and geraniums in amongst the bulbs that are gradually dying away. More hedges to do at the back though and the lawn is almost ready for a cut again…..

A ‘family’ of starlings – the parents and fledglings have been eating a large ‘fat ball’ laced with insects and demolished it completely during the last week and have also been spending a lot of time on the bird table.

Starling on Fat Ball
Starling enjoying ‘fat ball’

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