A Bank Holiday Weekend – and Guess What…..

Yes, as is traditional in the UK – a bank holiday weekend (tomorrow, Monday is a public holiday)  and we have rain – and wind. Put paid to our tentative plans to go camping anyway, so just a family day out at Rutland Water yesterday cycling (see http://www.rutnet.co.uk/pp/gold/viewgold.asp?id=3491) while it was still dry (but windy, which didn’t make the cycling very easy).

However, I did manage to do a little bit in the garden this morning before the rain really set in, and one or two jobs the other day. A couple of sweet peppers are now in a growbag in the greenhouse and another is ready for a couple more. Outside I have planted out the rest of the lettuce growing in a tray, scattered between all three sections. I had to hastily tie up the third (triple) row of  broad beans to save them from wind damage – and I added a higher level of string to the other rows. Also, I managed to sow a double row of mangetout peas (yes I know it is a bit late but better late than…) – as a backup I’ll try and plant some in pots in the greenhouse as soon as I get chance as past history indicates that the germination rate outside will be low – but hopefully I’ll be suprised this year.

One of the climbing french beans is looking very sick but I can’t see why – something at root level I suspect, otherwise the other and the runners look fine. The sweetcorn and courgettes are aslo growing well. The wind has got to one of the tomatoes outside the greenhouse – it may survive but there are more seedling in the greenhouse than I can use so I will be able to replace it if necessary.

The salad crops sown in section B are still very disappointing, with only a few seedlings through, hopefully I should be able to sow some more in the next couple of days. The lettuce and radish in the greenhouse are coming along fine though, and should be harvestable soon.

Still – on the bright side I am prevented from mowing the lawn or cutting more hedge….

Pictures will be added later (it’s a bit dull and wet right now!)

Update – See post above for progress photos


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