Bank Holiday Monday Progress

We didn’t have rain today (yet), but we have had gale force winds so not worth going anywhere – and it’s meant emergency extra support for the broad beans, but almost all seem to have survived ok. also I added some support for the tomatoes outside the greenhouse – the one affected by wind yesterday seems to be surviving.

I did manage to get out into the garden this morning and apart from helping the broad beans cope, was able to get the other two pepper plants into a growbag in the greenhouse. I spent a bit of time planting peas (‘kelvedon wonder’ and a mangetout variety) into pots to get them going a bit quicker (while listening to the test match cricket of course). The climbing French Bean that looked sick yesterday still looks bad but isn’t actually dead yet.

Outside short rows of carrotts, rocket and turnips have been added in the SE corner of plot C so we’ll see whether they germinate any better than those in section B. Also, my neighbour ‘swapped’ some leek and celery seedlings for a couple of runner bean plants (thanks Barbara) – and I’ve never grown them before so I planted them out in plot B and I’ll watch how they go – should be interesting anyway.

Another sighting of that squirrel again – so we’ll see if it is tempted by peanuts….. Speaking of which I had to reload the peanut holder on my bird-table today as well as all the seed feeders – the ‘sparrow gang’ really goes through the seed fairly quickly but the panuts had hardly been touched (there is another feeder that seemds to be more favoured now) so they had become pretty old and sour hence the refilling.

While I’m on about wildlife, the usual toad population has reappeared in the grenhouse (one had been hibernating in the bag with the polystyren bits), and the rain the other day brought all the frogs out all over the garden – though I’m convinced not as many as previous years.

As promised yesterday here are some progress pictures:

French and Broad beans
Lettuce (front), French Beans and Broad Beans

Broad Beans in flower
Broad Beans in full flower

Growbags in greenhouse
Toamtoes and Peppers in the Greenhouse

Tomatoes outside greenhouse
Tomatoes outside Greenhouse



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