We Had A Dry Day!

Yes Saturday was dry, which was a change for the last week or so. Also a bit of spare time to get into the garden after a week of taking my son swimming, more swimming, and what else.. oh yes – swimming, but ending today with climbing (in the rain – yes raining again). So yesterday (Sat) I managed to catch up a bit in the garden, even cutting some hedge and mowing the lawn!

I’ve planted out three more tomatoes into a growbag outside the greenhouse – that still leaves several more rather large seedlings which I’m loth just to throw away, so they will probably go into the garden somewhere. One of the two leftover courgettes is now planted in between two of the others already in. That leaves one more which I may try to find room in the greenhouse for it to grow there.

The beans are all coming on well (apart from the sick climbing French bean, which looks pretty terminal now) – see below for runners:


Runner beans and climbing French beans beyond ( the gap is where the sick one is)

Most of the lettuce planted recently seem to be surviving, and I noticed this afternoon that some seedlings are through in one of the short rows recently planted (may be lettuce – I didn’t check).

In the greenhouse, the tomatoes are doing well and the peppers also. The dwarf french beans in a pot are quite tall now and may need staking, so some canes are in already. I’ve still got (apart from the tomatoes) some chilli and sweet peppers to plant somewhere (there are still a couple of growbags not used yet) but will have to do some clearing up in the greenhouse if I’m to fit them in there. Meanwhile, the lettuce growing in a pot are at the point where I can harvest elaves from them, and the radishes are big enough I think. I think the peas I planted in pots are sarting to some through now. The grapevine in the greenhouse is now in full flower and the branches now starting to threaten to take over – but they leaves do produce shade when it is needed at the height of summer, I’ve just got to keep trimming the branhes back before they really get in the way.

Plot B, where the original salad rows were planted, now has several potato shoots showing, and I’ve already removed several potatos. Whenever I grow potatoes despite all my efforts when harvesting there always seem to be several left behind to come up next year – in this case it looks like a decent meal of them!

Elsewhere the headges need a real going over, though a section near the house has to be left as the blackbirds have moved ther after their original nest was destroyed. This has caused a problem as they are almost permamnently in an ‘alarmed’ state whenever next door’s cat is out, or indeed there is any movement in the garden near the house – and the alarm calls start from about 5am (right outside our bedroom) …. Unfortunatley the cat seems to be making a real effort to get them again, I caught it inside the hedge the other night trying to get to the nest. It’s a real pity, after the blackbirds have already had one set of chicks almost certainly taken by the cat.

On the wildlife front, we have collared doves paying regular visit to the bird table – rather too many visits as they seem to be living entirely from the seed feeders – see pic below.


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