Daily Archives: June 4, 2008

No Rain Today!

Suddenly sunshine greeted us today. So I was able to fit in a couple of garden jobs at the end of the day (I was working on something else most of the day) – I managed to plant out some of the extra tomato seedlings – one to replace one of the rather sick looking tomatoes in the first growbag outside the greenhouse and a couple of others in another growbag on the garden near the greenhouse (these came from a Christian Aid seed packet, but I don’t know the variety). Also, one straight into the garden. If they all produce we are going to be up to our necks in tomatoes later in the year….

I’ve planted a couple more sweet peppers into a large pot to grow on in the greenhouse and I’ll add a chilli pepper to them as soon as I can. That still leaves several pepper and tomato seedlings and one growbag – hmmm…

All the tomato plants in the greenhouse have needed staking now and have even been producing side shoots already.

Meanwhile, the sick climbing French bean that was poorly has definitely popped its clogs – but hopefully the rest will make up for it – they look ok anyway.

On the wildlife front – the blackbirds definatleey have chick as I’ve heard them and the parents are foraging wildly on our lawn for food – but they are still ‘alarmed’ a good deal of the time, with all the calling I’m surprised they have enough time for feeding.