Suddenly it’s Summer again!

Yes it’s amazing what 3 days of fine weather, the last two with full sunshine and temperatures up to 25degC today, can do to change things compared with last week. We even had lunch ‘al fresco’ in the garden yesterday. Now I’m having to water the garden and some of the tomatoes have looked a bit stressed. It was so sunny that working in the garden was very hot and sweaty today – fortunately I didn’t need to be out in the full sun for too long.

Inside the greenhouse the tomatoes, french beans and peppers are coming along fine. The lettuce is ready for harvesting and the radishes have had some harvested – though not many were actually useful. The courgette seems to have settled in fine. I’ve just got 3 tomato and 3 pepper seedlings to find a place for now. There are also a few pea seedlings waiting to fill in gaps outside.

Outside, the broad beans are already producing proto-beans and only a few signs of blackfly attack so far. It is just about time to start nipping the tops out – some of them are quite tall. The runner beans are well up the netting with one of them already above the top. The climbing french beans are not quite as developed. The other french beans are simply growing, no sign of flowers yet.

The tomatoes outside the greenhouse are looking fine (see below), though one of these has been damaged since the photo was taken and may need to be replaced. The empty growbag now has two sweet peppersand a tomato in.

Tomatoes outside greebhouse
Tomatoes outside the greenhouse

The sweetcorn is coming on, thoguh a couple of plants are still lagging behind and don’t look too healthy. The courgettes have started to flower, and it looks as though they  are producing courgettes (see below).

Courgette in flower
Courgette in flower

The peas I planted direct into the garden have started to come through (see bwlow) though it looks as though there will only be a 50% germination rate (this seems to be about standard in this garden and I’ve never been able to determine why). The ones planted in the greenhouse pretty much all came through ok, and I’ve planted them out in section B parallel to the other row.

Peas coming through
Peas just coming through

Some of the carrots sowed in section C, have come through but no sign of the rocket at all. The row of what I thought was mixed salad turns out to be turnip…. So looks like I’ll have to try some other salad seed – at least there is room in section B where the other seeds failed to come through.

I must do something about getting some plants for the hanging baskets this week I think the chance of frosts is past now.

With the blackbirds gone I’ve been able to cut that section of hedge, there is still about 10 metres to go though and of course the grass is growing…..


2 responses to “Suddenly it’s Summer again!

  1. It’s so fun to see what other people are doing in their garden…especially in other countries that have a similar climate. Thanks for sharing your garden and the great pictures!

  2. Thanks Michelle

    You’ve got a great garden catalogue website – I like the blog lonks as well. I hope summer is arriving with you as well.

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